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Our workout program combined with our custom products give you the edge needed for high performance.

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High Strength Nordic Straps (Pre Order, Deliveries Start April. 1st)

Increase leg strength & balance

$ 39.95 USD

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Floss Bands - Coming Soon

Increase mobility & performance while reducing injury

$ 30.00 USD

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Disrupting Fitness

The Disrupting Fitness programs are each designed to reshape your mind and body - literally and figuratively.

The body should be built from the ground up, structurally balanced, flexible, agile, and pain free.

Don't Wait For Science

To Catch Up With

The Truth

The principles and movements in these programs are designed to challenge you to tap deep into your potential in order to maximize your  given abilities, keeping you at the top of your game indefinitely.

"My body feels great after working with Derek, I can’t wait to get back down to Florida and get some more work in after the season."

- GARY HARRIS - Denver Nuggets Shooting Guard

Work Hand In Hand

With Mr1nf1n1ty

Get specialized programs and work One-On-One Mr1nf1n1ty. Learn all the best fitness programs to take your body and health to an elite level.

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Join Disruptive Fitness & Save 50% off All Products

Join dozens of pro athletes who have found success from Disrupting Fitness. Reshape your body & mind.

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Work Hand In Hand

With Mr1nf1n1ty

Get specialized programs and work One-On-One Mr1nf1n1ty.

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1NF1N1TE Body - Home Edition Level 1

There are no more excuses, maximize your athleticism anywhere, at anytime!



1NF1N1TE Access Subscription

This membership gives you access to all Disrupting Fitness Programs and more.



1NF1N1TE Knees Level 1

Dedicating just 3 days a week to this program, you will target the specific muscles that support the VMO Muscle, and most importantly you will be strengthening the VMO muscle itself.