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.0001 1nf1n1ty Bandz

The official 1nf1n1ty bands are inspired by the "8th Wonder of the World" COMPOUND INTEREST. Each band is a reminder that all you have to focus on is winning the now and win the day. Compound interest will take effect and everything you could ever dream will soon be a reality.

Includes 2 Bands - 1 x Chrome & 1 x Gold

$ 24.99 USD

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Ben P.

"The Mr 1nf1n1ty Nordic Straps is a game changer for the fitness."

Carl O.

"With my busy travel schedule the floss bands allow me to still get a high quality workout without the gym."

Jenn A.

"The floss bands combined with the Mr 1nf1n1ty straps, gives me one of the best workouts without weights."


Floss Bands